The Best Top 10 Cold Press Juicers – How To Choose One

Whether you’re a busy corporate professional, a student, or just a toddler – getting your daily glass of juice for breakfast or a nice cleanse for your body, it’s crucial to have an easy-to-use appliance at home. 

Many of us have the traditional centrifugal juicer instead of the cold press juicer, and have found out that our home juicer wasn’t exactly giving us the nutrients we wanted and needed. If this is confusing for you, or you weren’t aware that you could get more nutrients out of your juice, keep reading! We’ll do our best to clear this up for you. 

Why Choose A Cold Press Juicer?

There’s one main difference between a cold press juicer and a traditional juicer that we are a little more used to having in our homes. The traditional centrifugal juicer has raw power and sharp blades that not only whip out a glass of juice in seconds but they also create a great amount of heat in the process. This heat that is generated in the juicer destroys the nutrients that are sensitive to heat. 

We want the best nutrients we can get from fresh produce every day. The best way to get that is through a slow speed juicer, which is also called a cold press. These cold press juicers are known to slowly crush the fruit or vegetables, like we would to create hand-squeezed juice. 

We know how busy you are, which is why we have compiled this list of the best top ten cold press juicers. These juicers can vary a lot on storage space, price, or even the level of noise. We’ve reviewed each product carefully, so that you can find the best one for you. 

Best Slow JuicerAICOK Slow Masticating Juicer
Best Commercial JuicerOmega Commercial Masticating Cold Press Juicer
Best for Green JuiceBreville Juice Fountain Elite Cold Press Juicer
Quietest Cold Press JuicerKuvings Whole Slow Juicer
Best Personal JuicerHurom HZ Slow Juicer
Best WarrantyKuvings Whole Slow Juicer
Budget-Friendly PickHamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor
Comparison Table of The Top 10 Best Cold Press Juicers

Before we actually move on to that part, let’s understand what cold pressed juice is. 

What is Cold Pressed Juice?

We have all picked out our favorite combinations and flavors off the top shelf in the supermarket. They are packaged in fancy bottles and cost you quite a bit. These cold pressed juices are different from your ordinary juices.

They’re freshly squeezed and crushed from special cold press juicers that press the fresh produce to extract the juice. Unlike your traditional centrifugal juicer, there are no blades of any kind, there is no spinning or heat generated. All the nutrients are preserved in the juice. 

This is the best way to retain nutrients and cold pressed juice is known to last longer when compared to the regular juice. It’s also made its way into people’s mind as a go-to nutritious drink. 

Benefits Of The Best Cold Press Juicer

Now that we’re familiar with cold pressed juice and how different it is when compared to a regular centrifugal juicer, let’s talk about what goes into choosing the best cold press juicer. 

Here’s a quick run-through of all the benefits of having a cold press juicer at home. 

#1. Save Money

The most important benefit that we all want is to save a few bucks. When you buy a cold press juicer for your home, you’re going to be saving a lot more than just a few bucks. You can now make your own cold-pressed juices at home and not have to spend so much on the bottled juices in the supermarket. 

#2. Preserves Nutritional Value

The most important benefit from having this professional juicer at home is the nutritional value we can get from our juices. As we have explained above, a conventional juicer oxidizes the fibres and nutrients because of the high heat generated by the spinning blades. However, a cold press juicer doesn’t produce heat and it can keep all the vitamins, nutrients, and fibres intact. 

#3. Low Noise

The whirring noise of the traditional juicer is annoying, let’s be honest. The cold press juicers have a lower processing speed, which produces less noise and won’t distrumb you throughout your day. 

#4. More Juice For You

A cold press juicer is known to yield a higher volume of juice. In addition, cold press juicers can help you process nuts to make butters or milks, unlike traditional centrifugal juicers.

#5. No More Blockages

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to clean out your juicer or remove a blockage. Not only does it waste your time, but it is also an irritating start to your day. The cold press juicers come with a reverse action motor that makes it a breeze to clear blockages.

Top 10 Cold Press Juicers

Now that we have gone through the basics of cold pressed juices and the benefits of having your own cold press juicer, let’s look at the best juicers in the market. These are the best cold press juicers that are sure to give you tons of benefits. 

#1. AICOK Slow Masticating Juicer

The first on our list is the AICOK Slow Cold Press Juicer. There’s a reason why this is a top-selling cold press juicer on Amazon. The AICOK’s cold press juicer is extremely efficient and has rated one of the best slow juicers. 

The juicer’s motor spins at a remarkable 80 RPM that helps preserves the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and nutrients found in fresh produce. This juicer is great for those who like a quiet machine, considering it runs at a quiet 60 decibels, which is similar to background office noise.

Whether you’re after some ginger, apples, celery, orange, or even wheatgrass, the AICOK slow juicer can give you the most delicious juice. Not only is it great for juices but cleaning is a breeze because each part can be cleaned in your dishwasher. It also comes with a two-year warranty so that you can always get help if needed. 

  • Better juice yield
  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • Delicious juices from all produce
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Two-year warranty
  • A little bulky
  • Slow process of juicing

#2. Omega Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center

The Omega cold press juicer uses a low speed of 80 RPM to minimize heat buildup and also promotes healthy enzymes. The juicer also has a dual stage mastication process that improves the preservation of nutrients and vitamins in the juice. 

With a quiet but powerful motor, you can comfortably use all the 5 settings for extracting the maximum yield of juice. Apart from making juices, you can also use it to extrude pasta, grind coffee, make nut butter, baby food and even whip up soy or almond milk. 

The juicer is rated among the top cold press juicers for its ability to create nutritious juice without any sort of foaming, clogging, or heat buildup. 

  • Low speed of 80RPM
  • Powerful yet quiet 2 HP motor
  • No foaming, clogging, or heat build-up
  • 5 different settings
  • Slightly bulky
  • A little more expensive than other cold press juicers

#3. Breville Juice Fountain Elite Cold Press Juicer

This juicer has an advanced Cold Spin Technology that can quickly extract the maximum amount of nutrients along with a high yield of healthy juice. 
Breville’s cold press juicer also has a slightly elevated design, which makes juicing really convenient. The 70 oz. jug is a great way to produce large quantities of juice for the entire family to enjoy. 

Ideally, many cold press juicers have small chutes, making it difficult to insert large fruits or vegetables without chopping them into smaller pieces first. The Breville cold press juicer eliminates this problem with its 3.5 inch feed chute. The juicer also has a micro-mesh filter that’s Italian-made to ensure minimal to zero transfer of heat. 

  • Large feed chute
  • Large jug
  • Unique detachable spout nozzle
  • Two-speed controls
  • No Information on warranty
  • Slightly more expensive when compared to the other cold press juicers

#4. Philips Micro Masticating Juicer Avance Collection

The Philips Micro Masticating Juicer is an ultra-luxurious machine and one of the more elegant cold press juicers you can buy. It also comes with raw power to give you the best cold-pressed juices. The sleek, compact design is great for a minimalist look or to save counter space in your kitchen. 

This 4.5 inch cold press juicer can give juice all your favourite foods – from soft fruits to hard vegetables and even superfoods. The sleeveless design also allows you to have a simple and thorough cleaning process without much effort. 

It has a high yield of about 90%, which is quite higher than that of other juicers in this category. It also comes with an interesting recipe book that you can try out in this compact cold press juicer. 

  • Small and lightweight
  • Pulp and Juice collection jars are decently sized
  • Smaller parts of juicer can save storage space.
  • A slightly noisier operation
  • Smaller feed chute

#5. Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor

There’s nothing better than getting a great cold press juicer within your budget. The Hamilton Beach cold press juicer is an affordable option for those individuals looking to save some cash or make cold-pressed juices for the first time. 

The large feed chute definitely saves you a lot of prep time and enables you to put in whole fruits in one go. You can get a high yield of juices from a wide range of fruits and vegetables. The cold press juicer by Hamilton Beach is decently sized, so make sure you have enough counter space. 

Cleaning is a breeze as most of its parts are dishwasher safe and the strainer basket is a great way to remove any pulp. This is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a budget cold press juicer. 

  • Large feed chute
  • Less noise
  • Good size
  • Can be a little expensive

#6. HUROM HZ Slow Juicer

The Hurom cold press juicer is a great option for someone who’s willing to invest in a high-quality cold press juicer. The stainless steel design is elegant and allows for easy cleanup. 

The LED indicators and slow squeeze technology mimic the motion of hand-squeezed juice. The Hurom cold press juicer has such high yield that it results in virtually bone-dry pulp. The chamber is also quite spacious, accommodating up to 16.9 fluid ounces.

The 150-wattAC motor works with minimal noise so that you can enjoy your cold-pressed juices in peace. 

  • Large Chamber Capacity
  • Powerful motor
  • Large feed chute
  • Very expensive
  • Quite a large appliance for the kitchen counter

#7. Omega Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer

The Omega cold press juicer is a powerful vertical juicer that works at 43 revolutions per minute ensuring that you get the most yield out of your fresh produce. Its compact design and automatic pulp ejection are also amazing features. 

The no-drip juice tap allows you to close the tap during the mixing function, then release it when you want it to flow into your mug or glass. This way, no mess is left behind. 

The vertical design is contemporary, productive, and compact. The gentle squeezing function can give your juice a longer shelf life as it delays the oxidation process and heat buildup. 

  • No-drip tap
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Vertical design
  • Fewer revolutions per minute
  • Can be a little tall to fit into some kitchen cabinets

#8. Tribest Greenstar Elite Cold Press Juicer

If you’re someone who has a more active and fast-paced lifestyle, you definitely need to check out the Tribest cold press juicer. It’s quite compact and smaller in size, making it easy to carry around or move it whenever you want. 

The Tribest cold press juicer also comes with a neat pulp ejection feature that can help you extract juice without any difficulty. It’s also a great choice for grinding grains or nuts. 

The cold press juicer’s stainless steel twin gears ensures the smoothest possible juice consistency, but you also have some control. The pressure adjustment mechanism allows you to choose how smooth or pulpy your juice turns out. 

  • Portable design makes it easy to carry
  • Stainless steel twin gears
  • Pressure adjustment feature
  • Parts aren’t dishwasher-safe
  • Cleanup can be tedious

#9. Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

This is an interestingly designed cold press juicer by Kuvings. Its 50 RPM low-speed technology is known to yield a better quantity of juice while preserving the maximum vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. 

With the 82mm wide feeding chute, you can now save prep time and get juices made quickly. The cold press juicer by Kuvings also comes with a chrome plated drip-free spout that helps you mix juices and rinse between each recipe. 

Kuvings cold press juicer also comes with a trusted 10 year warranty that instills confidence in this brand. This 240Wcold press juicer’s versatile uses make it a good option to consider for your kitchen. 

  • 240W powered motor
  • 50RPM low-speed technology
  • Higher yield of juice
  • Wide feeding chute
  • A little large in size
  • Cleaning can be difficult

#10. AMZCHEF Professional Cold Press Juicer Extractor

If you’re serious about your cold pressed juices, then the AMZCHEF Professional Cold Press Juicer Extractor could be your perfect new kitchen appliance. We love its multiple masticating spirals for higher juice yield. The cold press juicer by AMZCHEF is also a great way to minimize oxidation and preserve maximum nutrients in the juice. 

Slow mastication is an added benefit for better-tasting juice. The separate pulp extraction pipe makes it easier to get the best juice and clean out the pulp at the same time. 

This juicer also has a reverse function to help clean faster and intelligent chips that stop the juicer every 20 minutes for extra protection. All the parts are detachable and can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher. 

The company also offers a strong warranty and good service on their products so that users can feel safe about purchasing this cold press juicer.

  • 7 spiral masticating technology
  • Reverse function for better cleaning
  • Dishwasher-free parts
  • Warranty
  • Can be a little expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What else can we do with Cold Press Juicers?

With cold press juicers, you can easily grind coffee or spices. If you’re lactose intolerant, you can make your own nut milk using almonds. Cold press juicers can be used for making salsas and other interesting dishes. 

  1. Why should I drink cold pressed juice?

Cold pressed juices are known to preserve all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals when compared to buying a juice box at the supermarket or making your own using the traditional centrifugal juicer. Cold pressed juice can give your body the essential nutrients that it needs. 

  1. Which is the most affordable cold press Juicer?

Cold press juicers aren’t as expensive as some people might assume. However, there are certain high-end commercial grade models and budget-friendly models as well. The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor can be a great option if you’re just a beginner to cold pressed juices or if you’re looking for something on a good budget. 

  1. Is it worth it to buy a cold press Juicer?

If you’d compare the amount of money you’d spend on buying cold-pressed juices from your local supermarket, you’d notice that buying a cold press juicer is a much affordable option. When you buy your own cold press juice, it’s definitely worth the money as you can use it for a very long time and do a lot more things with it than just make cold-pressed juice. 

Closing Thoughts

People are learning more about what helps us love long and happy lives. One of these things is fueling our bodies with natural foods and drinks. It’s becoming increasingly popular to explore opportunities and adopt changes in their lifestyle that will help them live a more healthy life. Cold pressed juices can be a great way to keep your body healthy and to occasionally cleanse it from any impurities. 

These top 10 cold press juicers can be your first step to achieving your health lifestyle goals. In this list, our favorite pick is definitely the Breville Juice Fountain Elite Cold Press Juicer. This has a large feeding chute that can cut down your prep time and also has a great low-speed technology to preserve all those nutrients and minerals for you. 

If you think we’ve missed any life-changing products, do let us know. We’d love to review it and add it to our list. We hope that you can find your favorite cold press juicer in this list and adopt the healthy lifestyle that we’re all striving for.