The 10 Best Portable Blenders For Travel

The worst thing about traveling far away is that you often miss out on the healthy habits and routines that you have at home. Whether you’re on a holiday or traveling for work, it can be difficult to make your daily protein shake or smoothie. 

Last year, when I had to travel to Germany on business, I was quite happy to soak in the sights of the city and to enjoy a luxury flight. However, it wasn’t until my trip was finished that I reflected on all the junk food that I ate or on my meal replacement smoothies that I missed from home. 

I didn’t gauge the impact of the traveling process. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that I needed to do something. I realized that if I was going to be traveling frequently, I needed a way to still make smoothies, my meal replacement shakes, and my cleansers. The best way to do this seemed to be with a portable blender. 

Portable blenders are amazingly useful gadgets. They’re quite small and can comfortably fit into any bag or trolley with ease. By traveling with your portable blender, you can make quick smoothies, a small lunch, or even fresh juices no matter where you are. 

It’s a perfect option for you or your children. If you’re looking for a light portable blender that can help you with all your dietary needs, then you’re at the right place. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best portable blenders from a wide range of products. You can be sure to find the perfect blender for all your needs. 

Best Designed Portable BlenderOYeet GoPower Blender
Best Budget Portable BlenderCincred Personal Portable Blender
Best Value Portable BlenderCuisinart 32 Ounce Portable Blender
Comparison Table of Portable Blenders

What is a portable blender?

Lots of people use blenders in their kitchens daily. Whether it’s a quick smoothie, a light juice, a meal replacement shake for your new diet, or even just to enjoy a milkshake. So, what are the differences between traditional blenders and portable blenders? What benefits can portable blenders offer? A portable blender is a light, compact, and small blender that you can carry around wherever you go. It’s perfect when you want to travel and you can fit it in a small backpack. 

Worried about power supply? Don’t be! Many portable blenders also come with batteries or can work with USB power. In short, a portable blender is a blender that you can carry for all your needs no matter where you go and what you grind. Below are some reasons you might consider buying a portable blender for yourself or your family. 

Stay healthy

When you travel with a portable blender, you can make healthy fruit juices or smoothies. You won’t have to rely on junk food or expensive packaged juices in the airport that are filled with preservatives. You can eat healthy throughout your trip. 

Follow your diet

Traveling doesn’t have to ruin your diet or lead to a few extra pounds. When you have a portable blender with you, you have the opportunity to follow your diet wherever you go. 

Useful for Outdoor Activities

Whether you are at your child’s sporting event or you’re having a fun picnic with the family, you can quickly whip up a fresh juice or a thick smoothie. Maybe you need a little dip or salsa for your chips. You can whip that up in seconds!

Less Noise

Unlike the traditional bulky blenders we have in our kitchens, the portable blenders make much less noise. You can carry on blending no matter where you are without any frustration and ease. 

Things to Consider When Buying A Portable Blender

Buying a portable blender is fairly easy. However, when you consider the number of products on the market, you may need to do some research as to what you need and want in your portable blender. 

Blender Power

Power is an easy thing to think about when deciding to purchase your blender. The level of power that you need is determined by your goals. The measure of power in a portable blender is determined by the amount of wattage it has. Based on the power of each blender, you can make smoothies and drinks with different kinds of ingredients. High power can help you crush tough ingredients to make frozen drinks and things like peanut butter or a spicy salsa. 

Blending Speed

Most blenders come with a wide range of speeds. Depending on how much control you want, your blender could have one or multiple different speeds. For more versatility, you will want at least 3-4 different speeds so that you can blend everything you need. Blenders that come with three speeds and a pulse feature are suitable for most blending tasks. 

Blender Jar

This is the most critical part of the blender. Your portable blender jar should be able to funnel the liquid down the jar. You should also be able to choose the jar with the right material. Many jars come in glass, steel or even plastic. You would want something that is dishwasher safe, strong, durable, and scratch resistant. 

Blender Pitchers and Jars

Pitchers come in different materials, which you will want to consider for strength and durability. Blender pitchers also vary in size. They can range from holding 40 oz to up to 64 oz. In order to decide which size is best for your needs, remember to think about what you’ll be blending and how you’ll be storing your machine.

Ease Of Cleaning

While you’re traveling, cleaning your blender should and will be the last thing on your mind. For this reason, you need something that’s easy to clean. It’s also important that your blender has a strong lid so that nothing will spill out and mess up your bag. 

The Top 10 Best Portable Blenders

#1. Cincred Personal Countertop Blender

The Cincred portable blender has to be the most versatile product in this list. Not only can it whip up fresh juices but the powerful motor can also crush ice and make really thick smoothies. If you’re someone who must start your day with a good cup of coffee, then this can definitely help you grind those coffee beans and get you going. 

The blender jar’s tight-fitting lid has strong silica gel on the inside so it is not only dust proof but also leak proof. You can easily store it anywhere without having to worry about spills or accidents. 

The slag remover on the brim of the jar can be great for removing any froth or pulp from the top of your juice. The powerful motor also has four sharp stainless steel blades combined with the ventilated base, making it a delight to use the Cincred portable blender. 

  • Strong blades and motor can grind down tough ingredients like ice and coffee beans
  • Safe and secure silica gel lid
  • Four stainless steel mixing blades
  • Ventilated base
  • Plastic jar can become cloudy after continued use
  • The narrow top makes it a little heavier than other portable blenders

#2. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

This portable blender is great for those who travel a lot. The blender’s jar is not only great for mixing but it also doubles as a travel mug. You can now carry all your juices and shakes with ease after blending. The 175-watt powered motor is powerful enough to crush ice for frozen single-serve drinks. 

You can also throw it in the dishwasher when you’re done for easy cleaning. The one touch mode makes it super easy to blend drinks to your desired consistency, all without being too complicated. 

It’s also compact, standing at 12 inches tall, which is great for carrying in your bag wherever you go. It’s a simple and efficient portable blender for all your icy drinks. 

  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Strong and powerful motor
  • Doubles as a travel mug
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-removable blades make it hard for cleaning inside the jar

#3. LaHuko Waterproof Portable Blender

Lahuko portable blender is a great functional and portable blender. It’s unique in its own way with different speeds for both soft and hard foods. The 2000 mAh battery can help you make almost 18 full jars of juice in one charge. All the battery needs is a 3-hour charge time. 

The blender is compact and weighs about as much as a can of soup, which is light enough for you to carry comfortably in your backpack. Don’t be fooled with its sleek and stylish design, this portable blender can be perfect for crushing ice and even for fresh juices and thick smoothies. 

It operates quietly and a tight lid for a better blending experience. It also is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about wiping it down with a cloth or spilling juice over it. 

  • Waterproof Blender
  • Two-speed operation
  • Compact and light
  • Good Battery and low charge time
  • No indicator for low battery

#4. Hosome Portable Blender

The Hosome portable blender is the next level of portable with its unique handheld design and powerful blades. It weighs less than a pound but is capable of making single-serve juices and shakes up to 12 oz. It’s the perfect size to carry around in your backpack. 

All the parts of this portable blender are non-toxic and are made of BPA-free plastic. The anti-slip base keeps the blender stable no matter where you use it. It also is equipped with a double-click blend feature that allows you to make shakes, smoothies, juices, and even protein shakes in less than a minute. 

It’s easy to clean and the USB charging feature is great for when you’re traveling for work or a holiday. The Hosome portable blender is definitely an appliance you should consider for all your blending  tasks. 

  • Anti-slip lid
  • Travel Mug
  • Powerful motor and stainless steel sharp blades
  • Great battery capacity
  • A good-sized Jar
  • Doesn’t have many speeds

#5. Auzkin Mini Portable Blender

Auzkin is a great portable smoothie blender made especially for those who are always on the go and focused on their fitness goals. This portable blender by Auzkin can make over 10 servings with a single charge. It’s cordless, light, compact, sleek, and powerful. 

It’s a great way for you to blend nutritional smoothies, protein drinks, or even meal replacement shakes. It occupies very little space in your bag and is amazing when you’re at the gym, out on a holiday, or having a picnic. 

Its lithium ion batteries provide a great deal of power and has a 21,000-rpm blade speed. It can crush anything from ice to fruits, beans, and vegetables. 

  • Powerful battery
  • Less charge-time
  • Two-in-one utility
  • Powerful blender
  • Cannot blend hot contents

#6. Lozayi Mini Portable Blender 

The Lozayi Mini Portable Blender incorporates power and safety to make one of the best products on the market. The built-in safety features help prevent any frustration or accidental malfunctioning and its compact frame makes it great to carry while traveling.  

One of its most loved features is the glass pitcher, which is detachable and can be carried easily. It is made of non-toxic and BPA-free glass, which is the safest way to drink and blend. The 22,000-RPM power of the blades will be sure to crush any frozen fruit, ice, coffee beans, and hard vegetables. It’s cordless and can effectively pull off at least 24 single servings before running out of battery. 

I definitely consider this the best portable blender in the battery operated category. It’s great for the frequent traveller and the occasional gym freak who loves healthy smoothies. 

  • A 15oz capacity glass jar
  • Direct drinking function of the lid
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact, light, and powerful
  • Have to consistently keep shaking between blending

#7. OYeet GoPower Blender Design Award

The OYeet portable blender is one of the most flawless and perfectly designed personal blenders. It has a unique vortex mixing system that can extract nutrients and vitamins from fresh produce in less than 10 seconds. You don’t even have to add water, making it perfect for that fresh quality juice we all want. 

The OYeet blender’s beautiful design has been awarded an International Forum Design award, but don’t let this sleek design make you think it lacks in power. This beast has a 1000-watt powerful motor that can reach almost 30,000 RPM without any problem. From grinding hard ice and coffee beans, to making the smoothest juices, it’s a well-rounded machine. 

Its portability combined with beautiful and compact design, light size, and powerful motor are among the many reasons to buy the OYeet portable smoothie blender. 

  • Vertex mixing system
  • Powerful motor
  • 30,000 RPM can crush anything
  • Amazing design
  • Luxurious feel
  • Premium price
  • Small jar

#8. Oster Portable Blender with Travel Sport Bottle

The Oster portable blender has a trendy, sporty design that almost feels more like a cool sports bottle than a blender. It’s sure to create a buzz no matter where you take it. The Oster portable blender has a 250 watt motor that can deal with all kinds of ingredients. 

This personal-sized pitcher is great to carry with you anywhere, whether it’s a gym trip or a family outing. The sports bottle has a capacity of 20 oz which is more than enough for a single-sized drink. 

The company also provides an interesting recipe book that is sure to add more tasty smoothie and juice recipes to your arsenal.

  • Light and trendy design
  • Removable 20 oz sports bottle
  • Powerful motor
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Has to be plugged in
  • The blades can’t be removed for easy cleaning

#9. Cuisinart 32 Ounce Portable Blender

If you are tech-savvy and love incorporating technology into your cooking routines, then you’d love blending with the Cuisinart portable smoothie blender. While you might be a little hesitant in the beginning,you’ll soon realize how easy it is to use the touchpad on the Cuisinart portable blender. This 350-watt blender is strong enough to blend almost anything from frozen fruit to coffee beans. 

The best part is that it comes with a wide range of jars. With four different travel jars that come with a tight leak-proof lid, a blending jar, and a chopping cup, you’ll be equipped with a reliable portable blender for all your smoothie needs. 

If you have friends or family over, you can make everyone their favorite drink in their own travel mug. This product eliminates the need to keep cleaning one jar after the other to make fresh juices and drinks.

  • Multiple jars for different uses
  • Powerful 350-watt motor
  • 4 different travel mugs
  • Touchpad design
  • Non-stackable cups occupy more space in the cupboard
  • No battery design and can only be used with power

#10. La Reveuse Portable Blender

La Reveuse has a great design for this portable blender, it also comes with a neat detachable sports bottle for added convenience. There are multiple color options to choose from that offer a unique combination of value, style, and productivity. 

It has a 300-watt powered motor with built-in protection from overheating. This safety feature, along with the affordable price and accessories make this blender a great value for the money. 

La Reveuse put a lot of thought into the users’ convenience and ensured to have small ice cube trays that are great for making tiny ice cubes for all your smoothie needs. Also, for only around $20, this blender comes with a lot of valuable add-ons.

  • UL certified product
  • Spare lid
  • 300-watt powered motor
  • An extra compact ice-cube tray
  • Tough produce might leave behind some chunks

FAQS About Portable Blender

#1. Can portable blenders make baby food?

Yes, absolutely. You can easily blend baby food with ease whenever you’re on the go. The best part is that almost all portable blenders are powerful enough to grind them down to a good consistency for your babies. 

#2. Are portable blenders good for smoothies?

Portable blenders are mostly called smoothie blenders. They’re great for making all kinds of smoothies and are powerful enough to grind frozen fruits and even ice for your smoothies. 

#3. Can portable blenders make hot drinks?

Some portable blenders are capable of making hot drinks, but be careful. It’s essential to look twice at the material of the jar before you start making hot drinks as some jars might not be able to handle it. 

Closing Thoughts

Having a portable blender in your home can open up a new world of culinary opportunities. You can make fresh juices, smoothies, baby food, or even grind coffee beans in these portable blenders. Whether you’re working or off on a trip, you can always rely on your smoothie blenders for a quick meal or a fresh smoothie. 

My favorite blender in this list is definitely the Cuisinart 32 ounce portable blender. I love how it has so many different jars with lids so that everyone can have a favorite drink. You can choose from almost any kind of fruits and vegetables to make the perfect blend of juice or smoothie. 

Let me know below which portable blender you would buy and why. I would also love to know if you have a product that is great for everyday use that we didn’t include.