Café Glechik, Reviewed

People write about us. We love good reviews, so here are some of them. Café Glechik® arguably is the most reviewed eatery among Russian cuisine-serving establishments in New York City.  Yet we encourage you to come to your own conclusions – come and taste our cooking, and come back for more.  Read the  reviews and write your own, by joining our group or by subscribing to .

Counter Culture

Crocked by Robert Sietsema

Cafe Glechik goes out of its way to distinguish itself from the other Russian joints in Brighton Beach. There’s no Casio, no attempt to lure you into a big splurge featuring bad caviar, free-flowing vodka, and endless courses of desiccated smoked fish and imitation French cuisine. The menu offers simple, freshly prepared peasant fare from all corners of the former Soviet Union, with a penchant for Ukrainian and Central… READ MORE

Travel Channel

No Reservations: New York City

Café Glechik

Tony, along with friends Gary and Helena, enjoys a traditional Russian meal at this Coney Island institution consisting of green borscht, rabbit in white wine sauce and pelmeni (mini-raviolis stuffed with meat and cheese). READ MORE

The New York Times

For the Love of a Russian Dumpling by Peter Meehan

I’ve added vareniki and pelmeni to the list after a few trips to Cafe Glechik, a Russian-Ukrainian restaurant a block from the Riegelmann Boardwalk in Brighton Beach.  READ MORE

Café Glechik Reviews @

“I’d say this is the best Ukrainian restaurant i’ve been to so far. The food was delicious almost as good as mom used to make before she got lazy. The place is usually filled with people and with its…”    READ MORE

New York Magazine

Café Glechik

“Everyone comes to Café Glechik’s for the same thing: superlative dumplings. Pelmeni andvareniki are the two varieties—served in batches of twenty-five—and both have supple, silky skins. (The pelmeni are bunched into furrows, while thevereniki are more like pierogi.) But beyond dumplings, there are worthy soups, stews, and kebabs…” READ MORE

TimeOut KidsCafé Glechik“Winter, surprisingly, is a great time to go to Coney Island. The amusement park may be closed, but lines at the aquarium, open 365 days a year, have dwindled. After a visit, the hearty food in the Russian community of neighboring Brighton Beach makes an ideal end to a chilly day. The menu at Cafe Glechik is a perfect example:…”  READ MORE

Cornell University Chronicle

Café Glechik

“…The stop at Café Glechik introduced the students to Russian cuisine, such as borscht, and ambiance. The restaurant, says (Raissa) Krivitsky, is “very colorful, decorated with Ukrainian embroideries and bright tablecloths, with food served in clay pots.” The servers delight in speaking Russian with the students and willingly store the students’ leftovers in their refrigerator until the end of the day.”  READ MORE