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Ukrainian & Russian Food in South Brooklyn

We are a family-friendly establishment. If you are planning a trip to Brighton Beach (the beach! the boardwalk!) or Coney Island (Wonderwheel! Brooklyn Cyclones! – there’s so much to see here, and – can you imagine? – there’s life after hotdogs!) – stop by and say “priviet!” (Russian for ‘hi!’): have our borscht here and stay for pelmeni, compote, and so much more at our family-friendly, tried-and- true place.

Our Chicken Soup With Mini-Pelmeni has made The Hot List “Fifty of the city’s tastiest soups” as per New York magazine.

Our menu reflects the diversity of Odessa, a busy sea city in the Southern Ukraine – the city of captains and sailors from all over the world: dreamers, poets, writers, comedians, actors, great musicians, opera lovers… very much like New York.

And each one of them is a fervent food critic!

To us and to many of our customers, the best part of Odessa is now here in New York: it’s the cuisine, strong and temperamental, one that wants to be appreciated, one that can’t be done without the “je ne sais quoi” that makes you come back, again and again…!