Book Café Glechik for Your Event

As we had mentioned here earlier, we love feeding good  people in large numbers, and thank G-d it seems that people know about it – when they don’t love you back, it’s a terrible thing. In a city like New York, with over 20,000 restaurants, people keep bee-lining to Café Glechik from all five boroughs.

We cater, deliver, and do take-out, including our signature pelmeni dumplings, sold frozen so you can boil them  for yourself and your guests.

We can accommodate a sizeable banquet for an affordable price (let us know in advance what you have in mind): we can come to you (private/corporate parties, lunches, dinners).

Café Glechik will make you happy, no matter if you’re looking for exotic new tastes, or the distinctive flavors of the old country, or the way your Mom or Grandma used to cook… We cook with skill, passion, knowledge and respect: download our menu and plan ahead!

Please call the numbers below or e–mail us at


Visit Café Glechik – any location (or both!)

(A) Café Glechik Coney Island

3159 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11235
call: (718) 616-0766
or (718) 616-0494

(B) Café Glechik Sheepshead Bay

1655 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY 11235
call: (718) 332-2414

Members of the media

We are ready to submit any pertinent information/images to the members of the press worldwide.
Please call the numbers above or e–mail us at