• “... FUNDAMENTAL TO THE RUSSIAN SOUL... I NEVER ATE SO WELL IN RUSSIA...” Anthony Bourdain, “No Reservations”

  • Vareniki – Ukrainian dumplings with various stuffings - delicious!

  • Our famous Borscht is served with traditional savory pastry.

  • Pelmeni, our pride.

  • Grilled fish, another favorite, is served with grilled veggies and fries.

  • Eggplant "caviar", Odessa's staple.

  • A fragment of our interior, great for parties.

  • Cafe Glechik™ is a culinary landmark – come visit!

  • Yes, we deliver!

  • We are ready to host your event.


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Ukrainian Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY

You’re looking for perfection in traditional Eastern European food, and are we glad to see you: you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re a devoted foodie who wants to find out what Anthony Bourdain and much of the New York press and bloggers are talking about – yes, this is the Café Glechik® you’ve read about.  If you are planning a trip to Brighton Beach (the beach! the boardwalk!) or Coney Island (Wonderwheel! Brooklyn Cyclones! – there’s so much to see here, and – can you imagine? – there’s life after hotdogs!) – stop by and say “priviet!” (Russian for ‘hi!’): have our borscht here and stay for pelmeni, compote, and so much more at our family-friendly, tried-and-true place.

What you will partake of at Café Glechik® is the Ukrainian cuisine that came from a very special place, the city of Odessa. Odessa, a port city by the Black Sea (which you can read more about on our website and elsewhere) was established at the crossroads of many peoples (and even more tastes), so we got the idea of “fusion cuisine” pretty early on: we created our version of it.

And the world loved it.

With our hospitality coming from our hearts, we felt famous even before we were! (a very New York-ey feeling as we had found out)!

Please find our extensive menu enclosed. Let it not intimidate you, our helpful staff will guide you.

If you’re a devoted foodie who wants to find out what Anthony Bourdain, the Gourmet magazine and others are talking about – yes, this is the Café Glechik® you’ve read about.

Café Glechik is a success story. Our habit of giving you, the customer, their best got rewarded by rave reviews and the highest praise from renowned food writers, TV personalities, people of culture, arts, and regulars who come here from all over the world.